Finding a Healthy Relationship

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Must learn who you are as a person first

  • Why should you learn who you are?

    • Confidence 

    • Perspective 

    • Understanding 

    • Feelings 

    • Learn what you want

  • Evaluate your love language

  • Learn your do’s and don’ts 

    • Create and implement boundaries

    • What should you create boundaries on?

    • What can you do to learn new boundaries?


  • Learn and accept your weakness

    • What do you not like about yourself?

    • Come to terms with your weaknesses to make them stronger 

  • Fight your demons on your own first

    • Past should stay in the past 

    • Who hurt you?

    • Who took away your trust?

    • Don’t treat others based on past experiences 

  • Love yourself

    • Explore the world and push your boundaries of understanding

    • You can’t love someone else until you learn how to love yourself 

    • Study Inner peace on a daily basis 


  • Established

    • If you are not yet established in life and reached some life goals of your own then you are not yet ready to date.


  • Know what you want 

    • Be specific on what you are looking for. 

      • Looks

      • Personality 

      • Determination

      • Be clear with everyone on what you are looking for at the very beginning. Try to reduce any chances of ambiguity 


  • Seven billion people on the planet someone will match your qualifications

    • Don’t settle 

    • Learn your bias 

    • Match vs non match


  • Know what you want (i.e. Marriage, children, income, and life goals)

  • Ask questions before the date Examples (not during the first convo)

    • What are your life goals?

    • What is your philosophy on life?

    • Do you want more children?

    • What are you looking for out of life?

    • Whatever is important for you should be a topic of discussion.


  • Be honest with yourself and the partner 

    • Don’t try to fit in just to be attractive 

    • Not everyone is for you, just like you are not for everyone

      • If someone don’t like the representation of you then move on

      • You can’t force something that can’t sustain (Example If someone wants you because of your money, you can flaunt it all you want, but when the money's gone, they will eventually disappear. So, find someone who wants you for you.


Do not treat dates like a job interview (You are not looking for your Life partner right now) 

  • Go with the flow and learn to enjoy yourself.

    • Questions are nice, but assuming the person is trying to only show the best quantities of themselves just learn from action not by words.

  • Date multiple people at the same time

    • Dating takes practice, you need to learn how to get to know other people

    • Date different people see who stands out

Non-Verbal Answers

  • Before establishing a relationship, you must have nonverbal answers to help confirm your choice

    • Does the individual have love for themselves and a clear understanding of self? 

    •  Does the individual give up on goals or do they persevere and keep pushing? 

    • Does the individual have an awareness of the world?

      • Preferably on or above your own level of understanding

    • Do the individual life goals compliment your own life goals?

    • Do the individual know what they want out of life

    • Do the individual lie about small things, anything, important things, or nothing at all (this takes time to determine).

    • Whatever you feel is important that can’t be answered with words (actions speak better).