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Definition Of Beauty

How well do you know yourself? You should ask yourself this serious question on more than one occasion. Your answer to this question should be more than a simple “I know myself well” response. The answer needs to be complex and filled with ambiguities of your personality. The answer should provide a vivid picture of your soul and ambitions. It’s not to level your intelligence of yourself, but to give descriptive details of yourself. Can you answer without saying “uh”, “um”, or any hesitation? Reflect on who you were in the past and compare it to the many changes you have gone through that have made you the person you are today. Your yesterday helped mold your today for a better tomorrow. Who helped mold you? Has your molding been a benefit or a curse? Knowing the answer to these questions is a start to understanding the true definition of beauty. Learning about yourself is not an easy thing to do. The first half of your discovery is filled with lies you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. You may start with a list of good attributes, or maybe you share the goals you wish to fulfill. You have asked yourself the question about your life goals so much that your response sounds rehearsed/scripted. You are much more than your goals, though. The lies and deceit of yourself cover just a star in the universe you filled of your true self. Notice I said universe. The universe is so vast and mysterious, but you’re attempting to learn yourself like learning the sky. You can’t stop at the thermosphere and say you know everything that needs to be known. You need to press on further and understand what lies beyond it. How can someone do this? Is it possible to delve further into the understanding of yourself? I am not saying you have to understand everything about yourself, because that’s impossible. However, you must learn as much as you can to comprehend the definition of beauty completely.

There is no step-by-step plan to follow. There are, however, questions you must ask yourself. The questions are fundamental for not only learning about yourself but also instilling the idea of learning the definition of beauty. The questions have been asked for centuries, and if it were not for these questions, civilization would not be what it is today. There would be no technology, modern medicine, or even a multitude of different religions. You and I wouldn’t have been born if it were not for these questions because humans would have become extinct. You can apply these questions to anything that has evolved the way of life. Try it. Ask yourself anything. Such as, why do you do the things you do? How do you continue to survive heartbreak? When did you manifest into the person you are now? Where do your heart and mind lay? What will you become in the future? There are countless questions you can ask yourself. However, don’t expect to learn the answers to them all. At the same time, don’t stop when you can’t find an answer. Only stop when you have run out of questions to ask yourself, which should never be if you are on a quest to learn yourself. The more years you are blessed to live, the more questions you’ll have about yourself. During your life experiences, you’ll find the answers to those questions. Creating life experiences is the next important thing about learning who you are as a person. An example I’d like to share is the time when I decided to take a seven-day cruise alone so I could get over my fear of being around strangers. To truly learn who you are, you must do new things that are outside your comfort zone. Once you’ve taken that step, you can continue onward to the path of learning the true definition of beauty. The next thing I need to introduce to you is memory, which plays a lot into the definition of beauty. When referring to our mind’s memory, I’m not saying you have to remember a specific person, place, or thing. True beauty arises from your memory. Let’s take your guardians, for example. If you have a close relationship with them and truly love them, then you remember all the big things and even the little things about them, correct? So, let’s say you meet someone who does something your guardian used to do that you liked, but your guardian hasn’t done it in a while. You would smile, not necessarily at the person but from the memory of your guardian performing the action. Well, beauty has the same understanding. Certain actions, sounds, smells, etc. from our past create a feeling of happiness, and when that happens, the memory is considered beauty. You probably find it funny that the topic of this blog is the definition of beauty, but all I’ve discussed with you is getting to know yourself and how memories are essential to the process. But, that’s just it. Beauty (in the eyes of the beholder) is relevant to that fact. However, beauty has nothing to do with looks. It’s the collection of feeling, thoughts, and inspiration. Does it make you FEEL complete? Is it all you THINK about? Do you feel INSPIRED after your encounter with it? I feel bad for anyone who feels they are not beautiful and for those who go through a lot just to feel accepted (beautiful). The definition of beauty in an everyday sense is more of a feeling of acceptance. If your hair looks nice, we accept you. If you have on makeup that complements your skin tone, we accept you. If you wear the latest fashion trends and smell good, we accept you. I won’t lie and tell you that beauty lies within you, and therefore, if you embody it, others will see it. That won’t happen. You or no one else has that power. What I will say is that you should strive to feel beautiful for yourself and not worry about if others see it within you.

Your beauty – and I mean authentic beauty – is nothing more than what you see after stepping out the shower. I’m not saying you’re beautiful when you’re naked. I’m saying your true form is what makes you beautiful. The person who you are before you get dressed; the person who can be themselves when they are alone and know no one is looking. Your mentality is relaxed; your physical is comfortable; and your spirit is strong. So what if you don’t look like everyone else. So what if you don’t talk, smell, dress, or act like everyone else. If everyone on earth were the same, the world would be a boring place. Embrace your individuality. True beauty is not discovered in mere seconds. It takes weeks and weeks of self-discovery before someone finds their real self. It is then that they can decide if everything they have learned about beauty applies to them. Thank you!


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