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Tore J Castagnier


Masterclass Confidence Coaching

My Book, A Beautiful Life: A Journey to the Real You, is a book that details what methods I followed and how I have coached others to help find internal love, happiness, and direction for multiple purposes. This in-depth course goes over the entire book and more.


This course is updated monthly with new coaching courses to help you with your personal development goal. In addition, monthly subscribers have the chance to post topics that I can cover in more detail with my lessons.

  • Online life coach

  • Step by Step instructions for a Life Book

  • New courses added bi-monthly 

  • Low monthly payments

  • Monthly Private Group Coaching sessions for subscribers​

Choose between

$100, 500 or $1000 USD a month 

Group Coaching Session

Join a 3hr Group Coaching Session with Torè J Castagnier, every Sunday to go over Life, Love & Leadership.

View upcoming session times.

One time payment of $150 USD

Success Proposal +
One-on-one Coaching

A Success Proposal is a documented tool that provides you with options and resources to help you make a well-educated path to your journey of reaching your goals. This document, gives insight and details to your top 4 life goals. Your goals are my goals, and I love to be successful. 


For those who feel that having an accountability partner isn't necessary, or perhaps you don't want to spend the money on a six month program, then this success proposal is for you. 


This 2 session program provides you with verified articles, videos, suggested classes, and goals for your top 3-4 life goals. Our discovery call is just that. We discover your goals and your multiple purposes. After the form is created, we then have a destiny call to ensure you have a well constructed plan to achieve your future goals.

The Success Proposal includes:​ ​

  • 2 Coaching Calls (Discovery & Destiny Call)

  • Detailed research

  • Verified blog articles & videos

  • Suggested classes & goals to help reach your success

  • Accountability tools

  • You will receive it 24hrs after discovery call

One time payment of $800 USD

Plus, when you sign up with Copacetic Coaching, you will receive a free sample Success Proposal. Don't wait. Sign-up Today!

Success Proposal
Free Webinars
Free Webinars
Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Learning the four principles to achieving an Entrepreneurial Mindset.


Create a business idea from scratch using the same tools I teach my clients. I have been working with people for over six years learn how to create purpose and build confidence.

This short eBook gets straight to the point.

I provide real life applications you can apply in your life to start your journey.


Very attentive to his clients and always reminds you of things to do to stay focused. Tore’ is very professional and knowledgeable about a lot of things. I like how consistent you are and your sense of humor. I would definitely recommend.


This course was amazing. Not only did I learn about creating a business idea, but now I feel more confident to start my business. I cant wait to share this class with my children who will be graduating high school this year. Thank you for making this available

Greg W.

Copacetic Coaching has definitely made positive changes in my life for almost 2 years, I’ve grown as a person, finances, communication, planning, living without fear, etc. Tore’ is definitely consistent, straightforward, professional, confidential, and is passionate about my success like it's his own. The coaching is worth it!

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