A Beautiful Life

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Learn who you are 

  • Do new things to learn more about what you like and don’t like

  • Write down 5 good and 5 bad personality traits about yourself and come to the conclusion to not change a thing. 

  • Stop saying no to new opportunities

  • Challenge your anxiety. (Treat your courage like a muscle. The more you challenge it the stronger it becomes leading to less fear.)

  • We grow and develop into a new us every 3-4 years, you will have to get to know the new us at all times. Your awareness of the world develops you into the new you. 

  • Meditation


  • Become honest with yourself about who you are. Accept yourself for all your good habits and bad

  • Become honest with others without giving out personal information about yourself. Not everything you do is other's business.

  • Become honest with yourself about your weakness 

  • Well maintained Diet

  • Meditation



  • Train yourself to always understand the other side viewpoint before you respond

  • Walkthrough different scenarios in your mind before responding to large decisions

  • Meditation



  • Stop trying to makes others happy

  • Your goals are number 1

  • Don’t feel bad for thinking of you first 

  • You can still care for others, but you must still put yourself first.

  • Other people’s problems are theirs and not your responsibility 

  • Well maintained Diet 

  • Meditation

Authentic Self

  • However, you do it! Just do it.

  • Create your safe place 

    • Learn to create boundaries

  • Speak with your consciousness 

  • Explore your own answers

Inner Peace 


  • Social Media (Take an hour a day, eventually grow to a day a week, and eventually the goal of a week a month.)  

  • Cable- Disconnect for 6 months straight. Only use 2 phone applications preferably no commercials. (6 hours in a day) 

  • Reduce the amount of News you receive in a day. 30 mins a day (Daily)

  • Research everything you see on the news (perpetuity) 

  • Meditation


Time Out

  • Take yourself out

  • Go out on a solo vacation (Of course, be careful and do a lot of research)

  • Meditation

Atmosphere Shifter  

Change environment

  • Change your friend environment (Friends who don’t share the same goals as you may be slowing you down) Think about when you are in school, being around friends who don’t go to school won't motivate you about your school goals like your classmates that understand your journey.

  • Distance yourself from toxic family members (Don’t feel bad about it)

  • Get a Mentor/ Life coach

  • Change your furniture around every 6 months. Trick your mind into thinking you live in a new space 

  • Never stay in the same area for too long. 

    • Explore your city 

    • Take yourself further and further outside your area

    • Travel alone or with friends at least every six months 

    • Attempt to travel outside the country once every 2 years



Pace yourself

  • It’s important to understand that larger goals take a long time and that is why we give up fast because we lack the vision of progress. So, break down your large goals to sub small goals. With smaller goals, It’s faster to achieve and therefore motivates you more to achieve larger goals. 

  • Congratulate yourself on small accomplishments, celebrate your larger victories

  • Meditation

Educate Yourself

  • Work out your brain like you would your body.

  • Continue learning new things rather its monthly or annually