Entrepreneurial Mind-set

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  • Research – 

  • Learn what you want to do

  • Talk to people who worked or studied in the field you are interested in

  • Research alike business 

  • Take classes

  • If someone else is already doing it, how can you do it better? 

  • Evaluate your skills

  •  (Example; Fix cars, braid hair, create websites, cook food, clean well, drive safe, predict how movies end) anything you consider a skill of yours write it down. Evaluate opportunities. 

  • If your skill is money then find opportunities. Ask yourself what problems are in the world. Who can you invest in to fix it?

  • Conduct thinking exercises 

  • Right down every idea


  • Why are you doing this?

    • Create your motivation

    • Strengthen the reason of your WHY.  

  • Become your true self 

    • Learn your limitations

    • Learn your strengths and weaknesses 

    • How do you react to real life disappointments?

    • How well do you handle stress?

  • Challenge your fears.

    • Test out your idea on a smaller scale 

    • Ask potential customers questions that relate to your product 

    • Learn your customers


  • Create risk assessments

    • Analyze your idea and evaluate any potential barriers 

    • Develop plans to avoid all barriers 

  • Create your success story 

    • Say it out loud, repeat your story over and over until you believe it to be true.

    • Remind yourself of past successes

    • Celebrate little victories 

  • Compartmentalize your smaller goals to achieve the larger goal.


  • Be honest

    • Be honest with yourself. Is this really what you want to do. Is your heart really in it.

    • Be honest to others. You receive what you send.

  • Be fair

    • Take a Utilitarian approach within reason 

    • Consider your impact to the world 

  • Never get greedy

    • No good comes from decisions made based on greed.